Pierre Verluise Will the EU Grow Again ? From EU-27 to EU-36 and Beyond ?

The current uncertainty about the expanding frontiers of the European Union is nourishing anxiety that the European elites seem happy to underestimate. Rather like a boomerang this concern fuels a growing estrangement from the EU idea within the community. Hence, as we enter 2013, there is a need to take stock of the situation, if only because the accession of Croatia is slated for July 1. Looking further down the road, we examine the other official and “potential” candidates. If all end up by joining, we shall be talking not about 27 but 36 EU nations. There are even those who envision a 42-strong European Union, admitting the six Eastern Partnership countries. As part of its interdisciplinary approach to geopolitical analysis, Diploweb.com is delighted to bring you an extract from the new work by Pierre Verluise, Géopolitique des frontières européennes. Elargir, jusqu’où ?, illustrated by 20 color maps, published in France by Argos, 2013, and distributed by Puf. The selected extract is in fact the first chapter, published under the title : Quels prochains élargissements ? The maps used to illustrate the chapter in the book are not reproduced here. Pierre Verluise owns the rights to the English translation of his book "Géopolitique des frontières européennes". Publishers of books, magazines or Web sites interested in publishing an extract or the whole of the book in English are invited to contact Pierre Verluise at verluise@iris-france.org SEE Will the EU Grow Again ? From EU-27 to EU-36 and Beyond ?

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